Let the adventure begin…

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud and privileged to welcome you to join me as I set out to creat my new company, By Bethany. Over the next few weeks and months I’m looking forward to sharing my new experiences with you concerning all things related to event design related, flowers in particular; my work experience, courses, books I’ve read, information I’ve gathered, pictures and designs as my own knowledge of the industry grows. To begin with By Bethany will purely be concerned with flowers, moving on to full event design in time.

But ‘why start with flowers?’ I hear you ask. Good question. I have three reasons to begin my company with flowers, firstly, and simply, I love them, they are beautiful. Everything about them, from the displays, colours and emotions they can create, to the meaning and language of an individual bloom. Working with flowers makes my heart sing. Secondly, because flowers are so integral to the overall design, aesthetic, and feel of an event. No occasion is compleat without them, and all occasions should be made by them; I will creat ‘WOW’ flowers. And thirdly, because I believe it is a realistic way of entering into overall event design in time. I will be confident in myself and my clients and other vendors will know and be confident in me, and may ability to guide them through all aspects of their event, not purely the flowers.

I believe in being creative, innovative, exceptional, unique and generous in all things. I want By Bethany to be youthful and fresh, to wash away any pre held conclusions held about the flower industry being stuffy, old, and snooty. I am starting my own small revolution and aiming to have a bloody fabulous time while doing it. No doubt it’s going to be exhausting, exhilarating and total madness at times, but I’m looking forward to it. Let the adventure begin…




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