Meeting Kitten&Co

So I have been sending out emails over the past couple of weeks asking for some work experience, no replies, slightly rude I feel. But then, a couple of days ago, I got a reply from a flower company called Kitten&Co, asking me over for a chat and a cup of coffee. Highly exciting shizzle!

I packed myself off at 10 this morning, armed with my CV, and all my best knowledge of the flower industry all ready for my big meeting. It was pure luck that I found the delightful stone cottage at the end of the very narrow farm lane, but I arrived just on time and was greeted by Kitten and Cressida who pulled up in the car behind me. They welcomed me into their home with a steaming mug of coffee made with hot milk and many smiles. We discussed the start-up of their company, to their differing roles within it and their passion for flowers, which was clear to see all around their kitten. The front door was hung with an enormous seasonal wreath , decorated with fruit. Hydrangeas hung from the ceiling drying, a display of pretty vintage bottle centred the table filled with posies of garden flowers. Kitten&Co pride themselves on sourcing many of the materials they use from their own garden, including foliage and fruit.

And then the most amazing thing happened, they offered me work! And not only work, but paid work, work in local venues, work up in London, introductions, training and much more, more than I was expecting or ever thought they would. I came away after an hour absolutely buzzing. It’s obvious that Kitten has a real talent, and her experience is vast, having worked with both Wild at Heart and Vic Brotherson. Her business partner Cressida, who used to work as a producer for fashion shoots up in London before being tempted away but the charm and gift of Kitten, has a practical head on her shoulders, and acts as the director of all this business, the company therefore seems to have the best of both worlds.

The fresh, youthful, energetic approach of the two girls completely took me in and I cannot wait to hear from them again, and very much look forward to working with such talented, charming individuals.


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