Life is coming up roses

I’m still buzzing from my experience with Kitten&Co, but today life has been taken to a knew level. My wonderful mother and fellow flower enthusiast has, for the last three days, been attending a course at The Covent Garden Flower Academy, and tonight she not only came back with her fabulous creations but also with news (drum role please) I have been booked in to attend the 30 week long Classic Course at the Covent Garden Academy!!!! Oh my goodness gracious me…there are no words to convey the current strength of my emotion on this topic; although still relatively new The Covent Garden Flower Academy has made a massive splash in the world of flowers, their courses are highly sort after, and their Classic Course is on another level. I start two days a week, plus a study day at the end of September and can’t wait to share my experiences with you!!! 

I can’t believe not only my luck and want a fabulous parent I have but also how fast this all seems to have happened…this time last week I had no direction, no job, no course (bar my one with The Open University, which I’m now taking a year out from), unlike our friend Martin Luther, I didn’t have a dream. It’s insane, but wonderfully so, and I genuinely looking forward with great anticipation to the next few years of my life, surrounded by flowers. 


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