Covent Garden Flower Academy / 1

So as some of you may know, over the past three days my mother has been attending a three day taster course at the Covent Garden Flower Academy, she has just completed it so I thought I would take this opportunity to show you some of the amazing things she has learnt. 

On her first day they learnt all about oasis and conditioning in the morning, over lunch they soaked their own oasis then created a wreath using their own selection of colours and foliage. (See below) ImageThen they created some equally stunning button holes using wire work. Apparently there iris rather a knack to it, and people found that the most difficult part of the day. Mummy came home laden down with her creations and showed me the beautiful and creative ways they show you to display and photograph your work. She absolutely raved about how divine her teachers were because there are at least three, with others constantly bopping in and out) how slovenly her fellow students were, and what a calm, friendly atmospher filled the whole place. She couldn’t wait till the next day, and in honesty neither could I.

Day two saw them going to the flower market, learning hand ties and doing more refined wire work (modled below by yours truly) Image


Beautiful huh? I was very impressed any way; really got me excited for my course, if this if what they are doing on day two what will we be going on day 30!!! 

Day three, and they went slightly insane, they made a rose hand tie, an orchid corsage, a topary and a little box arrangement…see insane right. Mummy was slightly deviated to leave, and came home rather depressed but had an odd glint in her eye as she proclaimed that she was going to the flower sundry shop tomorrow…I’ll keep you posted on that one. ImageImage


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