Having a play

Keen to get my hand in I decided to have a little fun. So off we popped to the local flower sundry shop to buy some bits and pieces including enough oasis for your average sized wedding, but baring oasis in every shape and size, this shop also has easy thing and everything else your heart could desire, from whole reels of ribbon for £2, to giant silver candelabras for £90, and everything above, below, and in between. A truly wonderful place, tiny and hidden away down a side ally, a real treasure. Then we brought a couple of bunches of flowers, some pale pink roses, some blue African Lilies or Agapanthus, and Alstroemeria, to add to the hydrangeas and gilder rose that mummy had already brought home from Covent Garden, and set to playing. Here is what we can up with…ImageThe is my design, combining our shop brought flowers with foliage and other flowers from the garden, including, beach branches, elderflower leaves and the fluffy heads of astilbe.  ImageAnd here, displayed with a pretty jug using the some of the same flowers created by my little sister, and a hydrangea.

Next comes the stunning colour coordination made by my mother, a really fresh open arrangement, a very different character to mine. ImageIsn’t it amazing how such a different design can be made using all the same basic ingredients?!  Just beautiful, and ones of the reasons why I love flowers so much, they are the most divine medium to work in because they have a life of their own.


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