This is becoming an obsession…

Yesterday I was reading the book written by my soon to be Principle, Gillian Wheeler, ‘Flowers and Imagination’, a really beautiful book, full of beautiful pictures (which she took herself I might add), a book that truly does spark imagination…it sparked ours anyway. So this morning we sat down and decided that we would attempt to recreate a wired lisianthous bouquet…deep breath, and in we go.

We decided on using lisianthous because its only £3 a bunch from the local super market, we brought three bunches, two white and one pink. We conditioned them when we got home and then went out to pick some ivy leaves to use as a collar. Then mummy showed me how to wire, I and its not hard, so off we went wiring the foliage, blooms and buds. This is my first attempt at wiring…what do you think? ImageAnd this is us half way through the proses, starts to hurt you finger after a while, I’ve obviously need to toughen them up a bit. ImageAnd this, is the finished article, perfect for a little bridesmaid, don’t you think? And yes, before you ask, I pretentiously put it on some pink velvet, or a pink velvet coat to be precise, but shhhh, I think it looks nice. ImageImage


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