Flowers or Container?

In my last post I was talking about containers, or specifically how a lack of container can free up the creative proses sometimes. However here I would like to focus on the joy a beauty of containers.

For me my love of containers started long before I discovered my love for flowers, and it’s getting to a really bad place…every time I go into an antique shop I come out with something (was a pair of bristol blue bottles last time, was chuffed), and I am becoming incapable of throwing out interestingly shaped condiment jars, slowly (or not so slowly) running out of space on my bed room floor!!

There is an ongoing debate among florists as to which comes first, the container or the flowers. Vic Brotherson of Scarlet and Violets says that for her the container always comes first, whereas Paula Prike says that she mostly starts with the flowers. Both women are amazingly successful, creating stunning designs so who is to say who’s right. As yet I am unsure as to which side has my loyalty, if any, however I was in a situation the other day which required some thought on the matter, Mobutu I guess the flowers did come first.

I was given some stunning spires of red gladioli by a friend as a congratulations on my Kitten&Co situation, and found myself completely lacking a suitable vase. With such impressive stems I think you have two main options with them, they either are place within a large plinth display of some kind to add drama and shape, or you leave them to stand alone. Not having the space, money or skill to create a large display I went for the stand alone option and on a trip to Ikea, which not only happens to be one of my favourite places in the world, but also happens to be a wonderful source of containers in a wonderful array of designs, and we discovered a stunning green glass vase. A vase I normally would be intimidated by, but it just so happened I had the flowers…so for now I guess for me I’m batting for the flower team. This is what I ended up with, what do you think? And which team do you bat for?



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