The Madeline Pot

I don’t know about you but whenever I creat an arrangement I always end up with little bits and bobs left over; buds that were cut off during conditioning because they were too low down the stem, random bits of foliage, and nearly always a bloom or two, big or small. In our house we have always used these up, I hate waste, espesialy of things that are so beautiful, their fate therefore is to fill little jugs and bottles that are placed around the house, or used to compliment lithe larger arrangement.

However since my mother attending The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers these small arrangements have been formalised from something we never really thought about into and actual thing, known now onwards as a Madeline Pot. I am yet to met the wonderful tutor within the Academy who lends her name to these small informal creations made up of left overs, but I am assured that not only is she a very gifted women, but that she insists that nothing within the Academy ever goes to waste.

Here are a couple of our Madeline pots and and button hole made from one.



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