The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners Course

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very excited to share with you my newest experience, a two day ‘Business Practicalities’ course with the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, or the UKAWP. And what a truly enlightening and inspiring experience it was.

As you know, my ultimate aim is not only to do the flowers for events, but also to plan the events themselves, in their entirety. It’s going to take a lot of hard work, time and determination, but I am never one to turn down a challenge, I therefore thought attending this highly though of course would be a sensible idea, allowing me to gain an insight into the industry rather than setting off blind. And I have to say, my expectations were surpassed time and again over the course of the weekend.

Early on Saturday morning I was to be found packing my bags ready for my weekend in the big cheese that is London Town and setting off on my train journey. I arrived at the Kings Hall Hotel in Covent Garden (life seems to be drawing me here doesn’t it) a couple of minutes before 10:00 to find a room full of women sitting around an oval conference table, obviously full of anticipation and nerves like myself, and Bernadette Chapman, of, Co Founder of the Alliance, and a face I was familiar with from the website sitting by the projector scream at the end of the table.

During the courses of the day 1 we covered, as the title  suggests, the practicalities of running an event business, and specifically a wedding planning business, from insurance policies, to computer programs, and social media, then after a buffet lunch we continued through topics such as branding, image, and of course all things money! It was a long day, but we were continuously filled with tea and cake and I left to hunt down a Dominos for supper feeling exhilarated, and anticipating the day to come.

Day 2, and we were greeted by two new faces, Sandy Moretta of, the other Co-founder, and Dominique Douglas, of, a member, who would both be guiding us through contracts, PR, marketing, how to conduct a consultation, and how to then draw up a proposal and design based upon that consultation. I loved this second day which was far more hands on and practical, the atmosphere was also more relaxed among us students having been together that little longer and relaxing in each others company.

The Alliance was formed to, in their words, “promote professionalism in wedding planning. We aim to do this through training, mentoring, membership, business tools and importantly our Code of Ethics to which all members adhere.” in my opinion this is a heroic aim, and one in which they are swiftly succeeding. I would highly recommend not only this course to you (I’ve now signed up for they’re next on, Step by Step) but also any planner with their certification, I can’t wait to become one of them.

Why not have a browse…


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