Bringing back the wreath!

So last week I promised you a heart wreath, so here it is! Made out of random bits and bobs we had lying around the house and Madeline pot, a few roses in dark and light pink, a spray carnation or two and foliage, geranium, ivy and honey suckle.

I made small bunches of foliage and then wired them to the heart, as though I was making garland, which created the body of the decoration and then individually wired in the flowers and ivy leaves. Then hung it on the front door with pink ribbon.

I only decorated the top of the heart, because I didn’t have enough time or flowers to do more, but I think it looks pretty gorgeous. I always feel more comfortable and welcomed in a house that has flowers in it and a door wreath is a wonderful way of allowing that warmth and hospitality to radiate out from your home before a person even knocks on the door. This is more common come Christmas, when your often see stunning evergreen creations adorning front doors, but who’s to say wreath can’t be used year round. I would describe the wreath below as a classically summer design, but seeing as how the weather has now changed I might attempt a more autumnal one for you.




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