Flower Nails

Who says flowers have to dull, or disappear when the sun does, look what I just found!

I really quite like my nails, I bit them for years and now that I have them I try to make the best of them and went through a massive nail art phrase. I’m told nail art is coming back, and in a big way. I’m not one for terrifying fake talens or rine stones, but sitting in front of Downton on a Sunday doing the odd pattern, stripes, spots, and even flowers is a ritual that I find comforting from time to time.


These pretty blue and yellow creations from couture nails aren’t as hard as they look and are very effective. Gorgeous huh? Here a couple more to brighten up a grey Tuesday.


Pretty in pink, and also kinda mimics one of the Vic Brotherson designs I posted the other day…


China pattern nails, I think these are my favourites. Really pretty, yet subtle, and would look gorgeous worn with a pair of jeans and a slouchy jumper.

(Images from Pintrest, links provided)



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