London Fashion Week

So in honour of London fashion week, which, in case you have been living in a hole, you will know is going on currently, I have been hunting around the Internet for floral fashion inspiration. Yes winter florals may be back as far as shirts, skirts, dresses or even a trouser suit if you’re feeling really hip and edgy are concerned, but these are better! These are dresses made of real flowers…

The first dress of this kind that I want to share with you is by the kick arse designer Alexander McQueen in 2012. McQueen himself often used nature as inspiration for his designs, stating “I have always loved the mechanics of nature and to a greater or lesser extent my work is always informed by that’. But this dress takes that statement to new heights, as part of his ‘Savage Beauty’ show, made from silk and real flowers.



The next designer I would like to share with you, unlike McQueen, starts with the flowers, she is the very talented Zita Elze, a wedding planner and floral artist. Zita’s ‘Living Embroidery’ Bridal Collection gowns are extraordinary, they are ‘adorned with fresh flowers are designed in harmony with the bridal bouquet, accessories and venue decoration and offer the ultimate wow factor. Floral sashes, veils, bracelets and hair pieces complete the ensemble. The whole effect is spellbinding and inspires a gloriously ethereal ambience’.


imageThe styles of each designer are very different, but both are incredibly beautiful!! And I find it amazing that these creations have been designed with flowers! Real live flowers! That blows my mind slightly…flower fashion people, it’s the way forward.


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