Friday wedding with Kitten&Co

As you know I was lucky enough to be excepted by Kitten&Co, a small yet innovative floral and event designer based in Somerset, for some work experience. This first event was like my trial/extended interview, if we jelled and worked well together I have the prospect of being excepted for more (paid) work. Very exciting shizzle!

Off I set in the car on the grim Friday morning, wellies and think coat at the ready, when I receive a phone call, an errand from Kitten&Co to go collect some boxes that could be used to transport the arrangements, I took this as a good sign, Waitrose provided, and once again I set off. This time I drew up at Cressida’s family home, one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen (easy now to see where her creative side comes from) and our base for the day. After walking in awe through the magnificent hall, kitchen, and back room I found myself in a spacious courtyard filled with boxes of flowers, a laden down table of 100 bottles, (our vases for the day) and Kitten and Cressida raring to go.

First order of the day was to fill the bottles. Kitten and I worked, gossiped and listened to far too much Heart Radio while we arranged hydrangea, roses, sedum, dill, green bells, chocolate cosmos, baby crab apples, snow berries, and ivy berries, which created a beautiful muted autumnal colour pallet.


After a quick lunch of egg on toast we moved on to the 20 button holes that had been ordered, these consisted of a single rose, rosemary, hydrangea and berries. Cressida and I then tied the ribbon around them while Kitten proceeded with the brides bouquet. 




The cars were then loaded up and off we went to Penard House, a beautiful wedding and event location in Somerset to set up. The bottles were paired with glistening tea lights in jam jars arranged along long tressel tables, and masses of ivy that we trailed and entwined around the metal beams that protruded out from the vaulted wooden ceiling. The whole effect was intimate and very natural, although sadly my phone had given out by that time so I cannot give you the finished image. Deepest apologises!

I had the most wonderful, if exhausting and full on, day working with an obviously very talented and passionate team! And to top things off have been promised more work when needed! Needles to say, I’m chuffed! Thank you Kitten&Co!

(Images By Bethany, with thanks to Kitten&Co)


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