Book Review / 2

Today I thought it might be appropriate to do a book review in honour of my new course. We are therefore looking at the book Flowers & Imagination (a wonderful title for starters) written by the one and only Gillian, and her husband Alan, whome I am yet to meet but appears to be an extremely creative man himself, and an integral part of the flower academy.


So, back to that title which elegantly manages to sum up not only the whole book in three short words, the entire ethos by which Gillian and the rest of the team run their business and teach, but also speaks of how Gillian and Allan work as a couple, ‘Gillian’s amazing skill with flowers, and Alan’s brilliant imagination’.

The moment you open this book you know your in for a treat, not only is it large, and it’s paper thick, which I always think adds to the indulgence and luxury of your experience, but it’s also stuffed with images (many of which Gillian captured herself), which rage from classic to contemporary, and everything in between, they are inventive, dramatic, inspirational, and even at times surprising.

This is a book with a message, it wants us to consider flowers differently; we see them so much in our lives that we ‘can take them for granted. They almost have become a visual cliche.’ Without being pretensions Gillian and Allan want us to view flowers as an art from, a 3D median by which we can create stunning simplistic or breathtakingly extravagant creations. It pushes us not only to consider the flower, but it’s surroundings, the joy one can get from combining a floral display with a fabric which can by it’s juxtaposition compliment or clash, the interaction of flowers and paper, shape, colour, texture; this book is pure design.

This is not a self help book. You will not fine descriptions on how to wire or re-create the images you see within in its gold edged pages. However, if you are looking for a book that will delight your senses, fire up you imagination and guid you into seeing flowers in a different way, then this is the book for you.


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