Covent Garden Flower Academy / 4

Creating our own containers a la the Queens Golden Jubilee!

Sounds exciting right? And it really was. Like normal we started with a talk about what we were going to do and the skills we were going to learn and then we set to work. We covered a well beck bowl with moss, binding it on tightly with reel wire…very tightly. In the words of Gillian ‘don’t be feeble!’.


You then trim off the pot and start with your foliage, we had a large selection to choose from, I choose licen covered sticks, pussy willow, rosemary, lavender, and pink and white heather. Smelled incredible, and didn’t look too bad either.


After lunch we then filled our pot with oasis and proceeded to create the arrangement within them. Everyone’s looked different, some truly blended with their pots and ended up looking like somebody had, incredibly artfully, ripped up a large chuck of an English flower meadow, others were a little more statuesque and truly looked like art, but all without exception looked divine.





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