Covent Garden Flower Academy / 8

Not going to lie, this week was a little mad. Gill wants us to start speeding up, so we made an arrangement that would normally take us all day in a morning. It was a container-less table centrepiece, the advantage of them being that you don’t need to go and collect them, minimising expense and time, it also doesn’t matter if people want to take them away with them after the event.


I really enjoyed doing this arrangement, and the pressure put on us to speed up. I find I get into a rhythm and it’s almost like my hands are dancing with the flowers, it’s really therapeutic, I love it.

In the afternoon we took part in what I first found a really bizarre exercise but one which turned out to be really useful, interesting, entertaining and frustrating. We were asked to create a plate of food using flowers…yeah I know! Them our plates were judged by Gill and the rest of the team. Mine won!!!! Was so chuffed. This was my plate:


Channelled my inner Master Chef and this was the result; a tiny portion of highly pretentious food, made with flowers. I know it seemed weird, but it was a wonderful way of allowing us to think out side of the box, and to free the way we see the potential of flowers. Flowers can be whatever you want them to be, in any situation, the only thing limiting them is you.


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