Photo Shoot for Perfecto Mundo

Ladies and Gents I can finally brake my silence!!

A few weeks ago now I attended the UKAWP course for wedding planners (as you know the ultimate goal is to enter into full event planning, and I thought their accreditation and vast knowledge would be helpful), it was there that I met Aruna. Aruna is an ex banker and consultant turned wedding and planner, Perfecto Mundo Events for those interested. Knowing I was interested in flowers she asked to pick my brains about an autumn themed photo shoot she was wanting to do, and I very happily chatted away about colour schemes, floral designs, the effect of hight, texture and line of sight, like I do to anybody that will listen, and at the end of the course thought nothing more of it. A couple of days later I received the most wonderfully exciting yet terrifying email from her asking if I would like to be her florist!! Fingers shaking as I typed, I responded with a resounding ‘yes please’!! And yesterday, Wednesday 20th of November was the day!!

Stay tuned for mood boards, shoot preparations, the stresses, successes, and the incredible experience that was the shoot itself. I want every day of my life to be like yesterday. Finally know what I’m good at, where I want to be and how to get there.


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