Mood boards, inspiration and hunting for candles!!

So the theme for last Wednesdays shoot was ‘Falling in Love’, with the ‘Fall’ being a play on the American word for Autumn, it promised to be romantic, soft and alluring. Aruna sent me her colour pallet which consisted of baby pink, coral, soft brown, a muted gilt gold and peach. Below is my pallet, my interpretation and the eventual button hole.


Being autumn this tends to make your mind jump to cadcading autumn leaves, the contrast of the soft pale blooms, dark trees and bright sunlight; however Aruna was very specific that she didn’t want the shoot to feel too rustic, not too many sticks or foliage sticking out of weird places, so the inspiration came from McQueens.

McQueens is one of my favourite floral design company’s. It’s designs are simple but effective, using little foliage, single flower compositions and layers within the overall design that guid the eye. if you fancy a peak, I highly recommend it.

My design incorporated some of the same elements, using statuesque candle sticks to create hight, bringing the eye down to multiple domes of blooms, and then down further to glistening candles echoing the candle light above. Simple but effective…yes…if you can find the candle sticks…!

I searched high and low, virtually, through the every website I could think of and physically, traipsing around multiple cities, going into every shop, every boutique, every chain store Trying to find ones tall enough. My search then lead me overseas (virtually speaking) to Pottery Barn. I know Phoebe Buffet would not be impressed, and I risk the characters wroth and distain, but what an amazing place it is!! I was cutting it close but finally my beauties arrived with only a couple of days to spare.


And here is a small glimpse of the overall effect. Professional images to follow here and on once the editing is compleat. What do you think?



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