Super Secret Christmas Plotting

The last couple of days haven’t been the best time for me. I had a big let down and feel I have now spent far too long feeling sorry for myself. So have decided to stop being pathetic, to bounce back, to dive head long into life, and what better inspiration than Christmas.

Now I realise I have been rather quite on the Christmas front thus far, and for one simple reason; I HATE your average Christmas floral display…fake snow, too much glitter, random stuck on bits that never seem to go…it so often turns, what can be a beautiful and elegant time of year, into a gaudy tacky mess. I therefore have a super secret plan in the proses for being formulated.

Next year will be By Bethany’s first official Christmas and we will be celebrating in STYLE!! I now have folders and files, lists, ideas, and samples, dates for the diary and even a few new contacts all ready for next Christmas…and without a flake of fake snow in sight. Diving in people, I’m diving in. Just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait!! It’s going to be spectacular!! Stylish, glistening, decedent, elegant, candle lit, sumptuous and timeless. Everything Christmas should be. Gotta love a good plot.


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