My 2014 Trend Predictions!!

2014!! We’re nearly there!! The start of a whole new year, a year that I am determined will be my year, the year that By Bethany designs will truly take wing; but is it also your year? Are you a new bride starting to wade your way through the glorious yet confusing world of weddings and flowers? Looking for a theme for an extravagant 21st? Or just like me, curious and obsessed with themes, flowers and design? Whoever you are you’ll find this post interesting, a small guide of the coming 2014 event and flower trends.

Theme One: Roaring 20s

Still going strong after the re-make of the Great Gatsby first inspired us last year, and why not. Decadence, embellishment, stunning colour pallet, feathers, pearls, long gloves, tweed suits, finger waved hair, champagne in tin mugs and red lipstick, what’s not to love. As a flower girl I also love this theme as it gives me an excuse to be excessive; giant pillows of soft hydrangea, flowing pillars of orchids, mountains and mountains of orchids, it’s fabulous and extreme and just down right beautiful.

Theme Two: Vintage/Retro

Again a theme that’s here to stay. Think english countryside, mismatched floral china patterns, bunting, faded checks, jam jars, suit cases, old picture frames. The aim of the look is home made, like you’ve made something beautiful out of nothing and what you’ve borrowed from the neighbours. It is a charming theme, and very popular down my area of the world. As far as flowers are concerned it can be anything goes. You can go for the ‘I just wondered through a field and it just so happened to be full of roses, dahlias, peonies, daisies, luscious foliage and I just flung it in a pot’ look. Or you can go for the ‘outside in’ look and festoon your marquee walls and pillars with beech, creating a very wild and natural feel that can be breath taking.

Theme Three: Eco

A new and emerging theme, and one that I’m very excited about, this theme is the place to be people!! Warm, friendly, rustic and super duper stylish. Woodland, flowing dresses, long sleeves, plated hair, organic cotton table clothes, bare feet, country music, wooden plates, lanterns, locally produced food, cheese, wine, meat, riding in on a horse whose tale and mane are braided with blooms and we are bringing back the caleigh! Being green there will be very few brought flowers, and it is foliage that will take centre stage. Green green and more luscious cascading mountains of green. Twisted arches made from branches, long low flowing arrangements down your trestle table and branches that form a ceiling with lights hanging down from them. Truly magical.

Theme Four: Whimsical and Fantasy

Think the lasting effects of Alice in Wonderland. Walls of giant paper flowers, ripped hem lines, slanted multilevel cakes, bright colours, glitter, vintage looking arm chairs, tea cups and over sized tea pots, chiffon, tule and petticoats, coloured bridal gowns, large jewellery, props, signs and hidden surprises around every corner, nothing is ever as it seems with this wonderful theme. Flowers are vibrant, multicoloured, large and blowsy, the sky truly is the limit here; giant wishing trees covered in ribbon and fairy lights, floral headdresses and tiaras, flower ceilings, paths cut into the long grass marked out by glittering tea lights…anything you dream is possible here.

A whole load of beautiful and exciting thing to ply your imagination with. But remember, whatever trend or theme, if any, you choose, your celebration is about you. If its your wedding its about expressing you as a couple and your love for each other. There is never a need to let something like this tie you down or feel like you have to do things a certain way. Be you, be creative, (employ me), and the result will always be beautiful.


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