Book Review/ 3

To kick off this wonderful new year I thought I would start with a long overdue book review. I’ve chosen to share this particular book with you now as it is the most beautiful guid to flowers in your everyday life all year round; taking you through the innocent beauty of spring, to the voluptuousness of summer, from the artistic colour pallets of autumn, to the shear pleasure of using delicate winter blooms. Flower God Shane Connelly is of course the author of this wonderful book ‘A Year in Flowers’.


I admire, and attempt to emulate Mr Connolly’s whole ethos when it comes to flowers. He expresses lyrically how he prefers a decoration to have a ‘simplicity and artlessness that emphasises the characteristics of the individual flower…rather than any floral technical wizardry’. He explains how by watching and allowing nature to facilitate you your life is made simpler and often more beautiful. He also encourages us to use locally sourced flowers and foliage when we can, no matter what event is being catered for.


The love and respect the author has for nature and flowers shines from every page of this highly unpretentious, inspiring book. Shane discusses the language of flowers and how he loves to use it ‘thoughtfully and with meaning’. He also opens up about where his designs stem from, be it art, history or culturally beliefs.


It’s the true simplicity that Shane gives to flowers and floral styling that I would most like people to gain from reading this book. Yes technically he cannot be faulted, yet he in no way seeks for you to see his genius when you gaze upon his creations. He is instead content with showcasing nature and all her wondrous, spectacular and even demure forms, allowing her to always be centre stage.


A beautiful read that will have you scrabbling around Amazon trying to find anything and everything else he has written. Highly recommended by the By Bethany team; a perfect way to start 2014.

Happy New Year everybody! Let’s make it floral and fabulous!

(Images by Shane Connolly)


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