Can’t wait for this…

Anybody who knows my floral tastes will understand why I adore the stylings of Vic Brotherson, creator of the company Scarlet and Violets, and ‘floral goddess’, as aptly described by Sophie Dhal. Her first book, ‘Vintage Flowers’ was the subject of by first book review on By Bethany, (to view click here), and I am now delighted to say she has written a second, ‘Vintage Wedding Flowers’, available to pre-order here.

I cannot wait for my copy to arrive. No doubt it will be over spilling with billowing blowsy mountains of blooms, from bouquets, to arrangements and button holes.

The beauty of Vic’s arrangements is there shear simplicity. They are simply, stunningly beautiful, taking there inspiration from nature. Never overly pretentious or try-hard, allowing the flowers and foliage to do the talking for themselves. I very much hope that brides will take inspiration from this coming book, and the weddings will be more beautiful for it.



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