I do realise this is my second post with a #hashtag as the title, and in times gone by I would have severally judged myself. But not today. Because today I would like to talk about the wonder that is Instagram.

Instagram, for those that are not aware, is a social media photo editing and sharing tool, that is, in my humble opinion, the shizzle! It can not only be great for business, but can also be a great source of inspiration and information! You can see what fellow florists are up to all over the world, track trends and patterns, see the most popular ways of showcasing work, and thus put yourself in the place of the consumers. What trends are they following? Who’s flowers are they favouriting ? Which bloom is a hot commodity this month? Ect.

It’s also easy peasy (trust me, if I can do it…) You can take a normal snap shot of an arrangement, crop, adjust the lighting, apply an artistic filter, throw a few relevant hashtags in the mix and you instantly have a stunning and useful image. Once you’ve started posting regularly and have built up a following you can even create your own hashtag for personal and customer use. Ask customers to use that hashtag when they receive or purchase flowers, and that way you can develop an online portfolio with only the smallest bit of effort #winning!

So, yes. I think it is a fair bet to say that I am a fan of Instagram and would encourage anybody and everybody to use it. But especially us floral folk…if the rest of you are like me we tend to be highly visually simulated! Here is one of my favourite photos edited a number of different ways, just to show you what Instagram could do, not only for you, but for your business.


Now all that’s left is for you to find that perfect shot. Happy hunting!

Did we happen to mention we ‘re on Instagram…!? While you’re browsing, look us up:


Now go and get on those #hashtags


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