I’ve done something very dangerous. I went into Anthropologie today.

Walking into Anthropologie is a threat on all sides as far as I am concerned, not only do they have the most beautiful, original clothes, shoes and accessories, but also jewellery that melts your heart every time, the most incredible furniture, art, and home decor.

The thing I adore about Anthropologie is that they are never afraid to. Be a little different, they push the boat out. It means that every now and again when browsing through their shop you encounter pieces that challenge your concept of style, taste and design. I LOVE this fact. It’s stops you stagnating and occasionally pushes your boundaries. Today I found a few such pieces.






I can’t quite tell if I love these, and think they are the most wonderful vases ever, or if they are they most tasteless, vile things ever put upon this earth. Either way, I want them! How wonderful would they look containing the same flower as their own decoration. Want, want, want, want, want.

What do you think? Find them here.

(Images: Anthropologie)


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