The Florist and The Flowers

Recently I’ve had a lot of people asking me how I got into my line of work, and why I choose to do what I do, floristry and styling perhaps not being a mainline career choice. My answer is usually brief, focusing on the solid facts – that because of a life long obsession with all things creative and wedding my mother brought me a taster course at the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers and things continued on up from there up.

The true answer is a little more complex and has two main focuses within it. The first of which was my outside perception of floristry as a profession. It is a vocation I always used to admire from afar. I used to love looking at the way in which a florist can pair various flowers together to create a completely different effect each time, different shapes, different lines, different emotions. Like interior designers and graphic designers it’s a skill that requires an understanding of balance, color theory, texture, and scale, things that I have always felt a pull towards. I’ve always believed that all these professions are a form of artistry, and find it a fascinating thing to watch these artists work in different mediums, but within the same guidelines. Now that I am lucky enough to count myself as a member of this awe inspiring group I can barely contain my huge excitement and intimidation. I look forward to taking this wonderful field by the horns and giving it all I’ve got.

That’s it for the florist, but now comes the more obvious inspiration, the flowers! My median. The main thing I love so much about flowers is yes, they are beautiful creations of nature, but also that they are such mood changers. When I have fresh flowers next to my bed, I wake up in a better mood. When I have fresh flowers on my desk, I work harder. I have always had fresh flowers and plants in the house since I was a little girl, and now very much notice the difference to the feeling of my home if they are absent. They make a space inviting and some how they put your mind and spirit at ease (as corny as that sounds).

There are so many ways you can be part of this world without diving into it headlong as a career. We have the most amazing flower markets and local growers in the UK, they are always so helpful, and the New Covent Garden Flower Market in Vauxhall is worth a visit for the experience in its self, forget the flowers. It’s a wonderful weekend activity to just stroll around, buy some blooms on a Saturday morning, wander home and create an arrangement for a chilled supper with your friends.

Now I’m here I can’t imagine doing anything else, especially when I’m exhausted, covered in mud, with an aching back from heaving huge bunches of foliage, feet that feel like they are about to part company with my legs and an overwhelming feeling of a job well done. There really is nothing quite like it.


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