Book Review/4

Anybody who reads By Bethany on a regular basis will know that I have an obsession, starting to border on the unhealthy, with the work of florist Vic Brotherson. Her new book ‘Vintage Wedding Flowers’ came out last month, and I’m not ashamed to say that I nearly wet myself with anticipation of its release, and when it dropped on to my door mat…well…best not to ask.

Brotherson is renowned for creating romantic, naturalistic arrangements in pale, chalky colours that seem completely effortless, and yet completely enthrall the viewer by some strange magic that speaks to all of us when we see something truly beautiful. Within the pages of her new book almost every image induces this feeling.

The book is broken down into 6 sections:

Gardeny Myrtleimage

Graceful Roseimage

Gypsy Irisimage

Classic Floraimage

Romantic Violetimage

and Pretty Daisyimage

Each section has, like the names, a very distinct character, with the book as a whole very much geared to helping you express who you are through the medium of flowers. Allowing you to have a style that is completely yours on your wedding day. The personification of each stunning section helps guide you gently on your way.

I have now been drooling over this masterpiece for a good few weeks, and very much hope that it will bring you the same pleasure. You can buy ‘Vintage Wedding Flowers’ here, or pop yourself along to a decent book shop.

I can only hope that one day I will be even half as talented as Vic. A true inspiration.

Which section do you find yourself most draw to?


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