Welcome to our new series of blog posts!

‘Colour Fest’ is linked with our new obsession for hand dying pure silk ribbons using sustainably sourced plant dyes. ‘Colour Fest’ is exactly what it says on the tin, a festival of our colours, and how they are sourced.

A friend of mine mentioned how much she enjoys knowing what flower, fruit, vegetable, ect has gone into each dye, I believe the exact term used was ‘intrigued’. Inspired by this I plan to drown myself in beautifully coloured silks, and send out small posts to you concerning how they have been created.


The first colour I’d like to show you is one of my favourites, mostly for it ‘Really…!?!’ factor, but also for its classic beauty. This dusty pink, Victorian Rose, is extracted from avocados. That’s right, avocados!



(Images – By Bethany)


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