BEAUTY / Coconut Oil


I have always had issues with my skin. Ever since the hormones struck I have never had a completely clear completion. I have therefore been permanently jealous of those do, and also slightly mistrustful, how can you know true shame and embarrassment if you have never had to walk around with at least three spots the size of golf balls clinging to your visage!? Unless of course you have had a Bridget Jones bunny costume moment of any sort, you guys get it.

I have tried every product under the sun in an attempt to remove black heads, clear spots, and eliminate shine, and I now wish to pass my knowledge on to any as misfortunate as I. What has all this got to do with plants or flowers you ask…read on to see.

My cleanser got my alligence early. I have been using Liz Earle’s Naturally Active, Hot Cloth, Cleanse and Polish for years now, and still to this day it feel like a luxury every time I wash my face. But not only do I love the product, I love the ethos. Liz champions the use of the best quality natural ingredients to use in all her products, but as a youngster this meant little to me, just another phrase used by just another company. But as my knowledge of plants and flowers grew I began to realise that these words weren’t meaningless, it says it all in the title, ‘Naturally Active’ , this inspired me, and it was then that I started reading the ingredient lists of the other products I was using on my face. I was shocked to discover how many chemicals were in them, and immediately decided that it was time for a change. Through years of trial and error I have finally come up with a selection of natural products that keep my skin nourished, and more importantly, my spots at bay. I realised long ago that my skin will never be perfect, but this for me is simply as good as it gets.

I have three favourite discoveries to share with you over the coming posts, but this one will be focussing on the pure awesomeness that is Virgin Coconut Oil. Yes, I realise that coconut oil is usually used for cooking, but trust me, it is the most wonderful thing. I do however suggest that you keep separate pots, as I was once in the position of finding my sister applying my beauty product to her dinner…I was not happy. The many uses of coconut oil were introduced to me by a wonderful friend, and I have never looked back. It can be used for everything, an all round true wonder product. The reason for this is that it is rich in Vitamin E, which encourages the growth and repair of our skin cells, protecting against aging and cracking of the skin and lips, while also making it beautifully smooth and soft. It is also rich in certain proteins, which are essential for cell repair, and speeding up healing time, which helps to make your skin look fresh and radiant. My favourites are from The Groovy Food Company, Lucy Bee, and Neal’s Yard, but you can find it in your local supermarket.

It has so many uses, but one of its best is as a make up remover, using it before I cleanse to take off anything I may have been wearing that day. Simply take a pea sized portion, melt it gently between your fingers and smooth it over you face using small circular motions and lastly over your eyes (stops you smothering your pores with eye make up). Your make up will simply melt away! It will do your eye lashes some good too, I used to permanently be loosing them from scrubbing at that delicate eye area, and would still wake up with panda eyes, but now, not only do I awaken with my skin looking brighter and fresher than it ever has, but I never loose my lashes.

It is an amazing all body moisturiser too, my skin has never been softer. One tub lasts for about two months if you use it as much as I do, you don’t need as much as a normal moisturiser to cover your body, if you did you’d be slipping and sliding around for hours, and it is super cheap, especially when compared to all the vastly expensive lotions and potions out there.

Because of it’s many repairing properties it can also be used as a hair mask. Apply a small amount to your ends before bed time, allow it to work it’s magic over night, and wash out first thing in the morning. I tend to do this about once a week, which keeps any split ends under control. But I wouldn’t apply it up on your scalp, it can take many hundreds of shampoos to get it out, and will make your hair look very greasy in the mean time.

You can use it as a base for face masks too. Mix with any other ingredient to make a wonderfully nourishing mask. I love to use a teaspoon of the oil, combined with a teaspoon of honey, a pinch of cinnamon and then some oats to bind it all together….it also happens to much a delicious porridge plus some almond milk!


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