BEAUTY / Rose Oil

The second discovery that I want to share with you in our new beauty series is Rose Oil, one of my all time favourite products, and the best one I have ever found is from Neal’s Yard. It is a company based locally so holds something special for me but they now have shops everywhere, and all its products are available to buy here. However if you do get a chance to pop into one of their shops I would highly recommend it, not only is it a beautiful experience, but the team are so knowledgeable, they will happily answer any questions you have about their glorious natural products, and so many other topics such as homoeopathy, aromatherapy, massage and the many uses of essential oils too. They are just amazing!


I use my rose oil after my cleanse and tone routine every morning, and it sets me up for the day. You only need a tiny amount of this gorgeous smelling golden elixir, and a small bottle will last you for ages! Work it over your face, neck and chest in firm but gentle upward sweeping motions, and not only will you smell divine, but you will see the difference in your completion, my redness dramatically redusses and the over all surface of my face evens out. This is all thanks to the divine flower that is, the demure little rose. You can find the fascinating history of the rose, here.


The particular rose in question used within the Neal’s Yard oil is the demask rose, or if you want to be posh, the rosa damascena. Containing a huge and complex array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, rose oil is an excellent emollient for moisturising dry skin, can act as a antiseptic to treat spots and acne, and is an anti-inflammatory to help treat all that redness and inflammation that affects so many, I get it on that area to the sides of the nose under the eye bags….can make me look like I have going off war paint on. Rose oil will help, it can refine skin texture, help fight skin diseases, and new studies have proven that it can also help to heal wounds and aid in healing depression. Seriously, is there nothing that this wondrous oil can’t do!? Oh yes, last but not least, it helps fight the ageing process.

I am obsessed with this product! My mum has been using it since she was my age, and still to this day will rave about it if you give her the chance. It just glides straight on, and works magic. An awesome product. I hope you give it a try and love it too.


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