Hello there


Good morning. Hope you’re having a wonderful start to your week thus far and have lots of plans ahead?

I’m moving away from my normal vain today because I’ve just taken on a few projects that I’m finding the prospect of incredibly daunting! But also very exciting. I find it funny how we are all so wonderfully encouraging and admiring of our friends when they take on new challenges. You know that they can do it. You never doubt for one second that they are up to the challenge, and tell them so. Yet when it comes to ourselves we so often don’t believe, and are almost scared of having that confidence.

I’m currently in the proses of giving myself a small mental slap. After all, how are you ever to gain the confidence that you can succeed if you stay deep within that comfort zone? For me, now having flung myself out of it head first, these words just seem like, in honesty, a load of rubbish. I like my comfort zone, and I can always have the dreams of bigger and better in the safe, secure haven of it, that will always keep me content…right?

The trouble is, I can tell myself I’m happy where I am as much as I like, and yes, I am so proud of what I have achieved, but I do want more. I don’t think you get places in life by playing it safe. You’ve got to get yourself out there, and high kick that terror in the face. Learn from the mistakes that you make, because there will be some and next time don’t make them. Nobody is ever fully prepared for what is facing them in the big bad world, be that taking on new responsibilities at work, making the choice to strike out on your own, or buying a house, getting married and having children (I certainly wasn’t ready for that one!). No body will ever judge you for having the walnuts to give it a go, and all you can do is your best. We all crawl before we walk.

So today I am channelling my inner Indiana Jones and taking that step out into nothingness in the faith that I will not fall (and if you do not get that reference I’ll be very upset). And I encourage you to join me. Do something today that slightly scares you. Say hello and smile at the judgmental receptionist you sprint past every morning, send that text message to that guy, or if you’re feeling really out there go for a lunch brake sky dive, can you believe that that is an actual thing!!? I’ll feel much happier in the knowledge that I have company today.

Hope you all have a beautiful Tuesday.

(Image – Its Always Autumn)


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