BEAUTY / Liz Earle’s Super Skin


For the last wonder product in my ‘BEAUTY’ series introduction, I want to focus on Liz Earle’s Super Skin Concentrate. Despite being a long term fan of this brand this product is one of my more recent discoveries. I apply Super Skin in the evening where in the morning I would apply my Rose Oil (for more details click here), allowing me the best benefits of both…I’m super greedy that way. Super Skin has now become part of my wined down routine, with it’s stunning aroma of lavender, neroli and chamomile immediately relaxing my brain. Apply two pumps to the hands and work into the face and neck; your neck is an extension of your face, so try not to forget it.

Super Skin is apply named, it is made up of 100% pure plant oils, is high in Vitamin E and works on all skins types! It will soften dry or mature skin, and balance combination or more oily skin for radiant looking results. This is my biggest beauty expense, but I now wouldn’t be without it. It’s is Mother Natures natural magic in a bottle, and was ranked 9.1 by the Green Beauty Bible and 9.15 in their later Anti Ageing Beauty Bible, coming top every time. That, for those who don’t know, is saying something!

You may have noticed, that all three products I have talked about in our ‘BEAUTY’ series so far are oils. I used to run away from anything with the word oil in the title as I have a very oily completion and putting oil on top of oil to clear up the oil seemed completely counter intuitive to me. But oddly enough, that is exactly how it works. I have learned that my skin surface was lacking oil because of the harshness of the environment, hormones, and all the drying products I was using, even moisturisers, so it was producing more and more oil to compensate, which gave me more and more spots. Now that I am providing the moisturising natural oils my skin no longer feels like it has to do the work, it is nourished, much smoother and I even get a glow even now and again.

The message behind my rambling is this; trust in the plants, trust in the flowers, and allow all things in life to be inspired by nature.

Hope you’re having a beautiful day.


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