Favorite Pins Right Now

Having a small white and gold moment today. My love of white is already a widely known entity, if it wasn’t so completely unpractical with a small four year old boy taring around I would wear it and surround myself with it always. Contrary to generally feeling I find white a warm, luxurious colour, I think gold is just as delicious, however, where I love white in any situation, gold I’m picky about. I don’t tend to like gold jewellery settings, yet the metal on my watch is gold, I think gold is more inviting and friendlier than silver, yet when it comes to a choice between the two, silver wins hands down…maybe I’m just a cold person at heart…but right now, for no reason at all I’ve become quite obsessed with white and gold ceramics and glass wear. Pinterest, I blame you.


See it here


See it here


See it here


See it here


See it here


See it here

And a couple of pillows…because they are too beautiful not to show you.


See it here


See it here.

Hope you all have a beautiful day.


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