In the world of flowers we seem to constantly be looking forward; planing for up coming weddings and events, waiting for our favourite flower to come back into season, or simply wishing the months away so that when we’re at the flower market at 5 in the morning it’s light!

At By Bethany headquarters we are already looking forward to the new year with great anticipation. We are particularly excited about Valentines Day (we have the most wonderful, and amazingly kitsch photo shoot planed for you) and for the new project we are launching for local artisan businesses – FLOWER BOMB.


Flower Bomb is a project that we will be running over the up coming year in and around two of our local towns, Salisbury and Bath, (if successful, we hope to move further afield). We will be actively seeking out artisan businesses full of creativity, with a strong brand image and an interesting story, and will be bringing them directly to you through ‘Flower Bomb’.


The businesses chosen will be offered the unique opportunity of having their business premises ‘Flower Bombed’ by members of the By Bethany team. We will create a floral instillation designed specifically to fit the brand and space in question. It will then be professionally photographed along with other elements of the business premises/products. These, plus an interview telling the individual story of each enterprise will then appear, here, on the By Bethany blog for your viewing pleasure.


We hope to both discover some awesome new ventures to promote, along with some fabulous new people to befriend.

If you are, or know of a marvellous business, full of exceptional creativity, passion and drive, we want to hear from you. All suggestions will be taken into consideration, but hurry, space is limited!!

We will be starting all the excitement in the new year. Hold tight for news on who will be the lucky first to be ‘Flower Bombed’!


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