Caiger & Co.

As a florist and stylist you have to work in tandem with many other suppliers; from venues to designers, from photographers to caterers, all united by the same goal of achieving their best for the client in question, be that for a wedding, a cooperate event, or an intimate dinner. I count myself as incredibly privileged to have worked alongside some truly fabulous and very talented people, however, every now and again one comes along that is truly exceptional, and I would like to share one of those with you today.


Caiger & Co. is a bespoke, luxury catering service that specialises in beautiful, seasonal food, offering a personalised service that sets them apart. In the words of Alix, the owner and founder of Caiger & Co. ‘Your vision – our expertise’.


Alix and her team are youthful, innovative, and highly creative; qualities that shine out through the care and passion for their work, which can be seen in the high attention to detail that goes into all the food they create for you. It also just so happens to be ridiculously yummy!! Trust me, I’ve stolen enough of their glorious treacle tart while working with them to know!


Having been behind the scenes has done nothing but truly make me appreciate this wonderful company, and their leader, even more. Alix seems to permanently have around her an aura of calmness and serenity, from plating up a meal for hundreds, to battling with the English weather or guiding a lost waitress in how to fold a napkin. Every thing is thought through, every movement she makes is practiced and deft, she treats all her staff with great and equal respect and the food is always utterly flawless.



I am now amazingly lucky to announce that this December I will be privileged enough to be working with Caiger & Co. providing floral installations at their first Christmas pop-up restaurant at the Borough Market, starting on the 1st of December, and carrying on till the 23rd. Caiger & Co. is now considered as nothing less than one of the finest caterers in London, and I am thrilled and honoured to be chosen to represent them visually. Our wreaths will also be on sale! Come along to find beautiful organic, fresh green varieties full of style and class. The prefect welcome into your home forChristmas.



The pictures of Caiger and Co’s work are stunning, yet they still don’t do Alix and her team justice, the taste of the food is sensational! So, how can you get this stuff, in your mouth!? …Why come for a visit of course!

You can find tickets, and more details here and here. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Also, while I just happen to have my promotional hat on, I would like to draw your attention to the gorgeous logo of Cagier & Co. created by Edinburgh-based designer Matilda Craston. She’s an amazingly gifted lady, and I would recommended her highly.


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