BEAUTY / Amazing Avocado


As we are now in that season where we all what to look our best, and yet are being battered constantly by the weather, the inevitable cold, and are potentially more stressed than at any other time of year, so I want to tell you about a humble but very powerful natural beauty ingredient, probably sitting in your fridge.

This product is one already known for its prowess in the world of salads, healthy breakfasts, filling snacks and super foods, but little do many of us know that it is just as beneficial to the out side of our bodies. I am of course, talking about the avocado, also known as the Alligator Pear (isn’t that THE most wonderful name!) But I don’t want you to eat them, I want you to mash them up and put them on your face!

Sounds a little bonkers I know, but I promise I haven’t gone completely mad. Granted the thought of cold green, slightly strange smelling mush on my face doesn’t fill me with much confidence either, but hear me out. Avocados are an amazing source of free radical quenching compounds which help protect your skin from the environmental damage that causes us to age. It also has high levels of vitamin E which guard against damage caused by exposure to the sun, (or photo-ageing if you want to be posh), and vitamin C which helps us make elastin and collagen, both of which are essential for maintaining your skins elasticity and firmness. They contain antioxidants that help improve your skins completion and density, and deeply penetrate your skins surface to restore nutrients, increase blood circulation, and cell regeneration, all of which aids with getting that much longed for glow. And this is all just for skin!! There’s a whole other post in the making about the wonders it can do for your hair.

So how do we unlock all these marvellous natural beauty benefits? It really can be as easy as squashing it up and slapping it on your face, but I like to add a little more sophistication into the mix, and get some other natural benefits in there too.

Face Mask – for oily skin

1/2 a ripe Avocado
1 egg white
1tsp lemon juice

Mix until smooth, apply to face and relax for 20 minutes, then rinse.

Face Mask – to deeply moisturise (amazing for over the winter months)

1/2 a ripe Avocado
1tsp natural yoghurt
1tsp honey

Mix until smooth, apply for 15 minutes, then rinse.

Hope you all have a beautiful day, and enjoy the green mush!

(The gorgeous image above is by Our Heiday, a wonderfully talented designer, sourced from Design Love Fest)


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