HEALTH / Here Comes the Sun


The last couple of days have been full of that glorious cold sunshine that can only herald the change from winter into spring, and I have been absolutely revealing in it.

I suffer, in an incredibly small way, as I’m sure many of us do, from S.A.D, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is a form of depression that has a seasonal pattern, in other words you get down in the winter months because your exposer to sunlight and all the health and emotional benefits it posses have been so lessened. This is a very real issue for many, not one that should be taken lightly, with more and more being diagnosed every year.

Good weather and especially sunshine alter my mood drastically. I immediately feel more positive, have a greater lust for life, and just generally feel less lethargic. I can almost feel my skin drinking up the Vitamin D, and it’s not all on my head.


I think that we are prone to forget that we humans are still animals, and like so many other animals our body’s respond to light. Our modern ways of living, for example getting up and going to work in the dark, sitting inside all day and going home in the dark, has drastically altered the queues from nature that are bodies are designed to respond to. This not only diminishes the body’s capability to regulate the body clock but affects our circadian rhythms which has directly resulted in a dramatic increase in light deficiency symptoms, and Seasonal Affective Disorders.

There are many way to deal with this if you can’t become one of the 10% of people in the UK who work outside, one of which is purchasing a special UV light to have on your desk. But in my opinion the best thing to do is to simply get yourself out there and drink in the sunshine…while it lasts! Make time to get in the light. Go for a walk in your lunch break. Get off the tube one stop early and walk the rest of the way. Get yourself out of the city over the weekend. Even in the winter months when it’s gloomy, and little sun is better than none.

(Images – By Bethany and Window Wall)


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