Favourite Pins Right Now

I love Pinterest. I could, and do, spend hours on it. When in need of some inspiration it’s the first place I go. And when I find some stunning image, brimming with design I feel like Columbus as he first stepped foot onto America. Among my discoveries of late are two floral artists. Their styles are very different, but I really love both.

The work of Nicole Pletts fills me with nostalgia, sending me right back to the many hours I spent as a little girl flicking through the many Victorian flower books and illustrated fairy tales that my mother used to hunt for in antique shops.




The work of Cy Twombly is very different, to my mind far more modern and abstract. The images look as though they are in motion in contrast to the above images which are very static. I just love the feeling of freedom they invoke.



(Images, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


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