Did you know that there is an actual flower of the month. An official flowers. I never knew this, but it’s true. So in honour of my discovery I’m going to do this post about the official flower of March which is officially the daffodil. This won’t become a trend, mostly because google dictates more of my life’s than I want it to as it is, but for now, let me tell you about the sunny, amazingly tough little daffodil.  

The daffodil is part of the plant genus Narcissus, they are predominantly spring perennial plants in the Amaryllis family. There never seems to be a time in history when they weren’t popular, they have been cultivated from the earliest of times, when they were used as medicines by the Romans, and appeared in the myths of the Greeks, nowadays they are the national flower of Wales herald the coming of spring and are the symbol of cancer charities in many places around the world. Simply put, the daffodils means hope.  

Daffodils need partial or full sun and well drained soil to develop properly, they are easy plants to grow, just plant them up and leave them alone, the main issue would be taking care of them too much, they are sensitive to overwatering which can induce rotting bulbs. plant your bulbs in the autumn, the cold period during the winter ensures proper development of the root. 

From a florists perspective, these are the most beautiful and happy of flowers to put in an arrangement, their stems are strong enough to hold them up with out support and the shape of the head gives that feel of freedom that can sometimes be a struggle to achieve. However, if you are going to be using lots of them I would recommend popping on some gloves.  Daffodils have toxins in their stems, and it is possible to develop an allergic reaction called “daffodil itch” after preparing floral arrangements.

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