ADVICE / Help Your Flowers Last Longer This Mothers Day

Receiving flowers is the most wonderful gift, especially if some real thought has gone into them. One of my greatest grievances as a florist is that I never get flowers myself (hint hint family and friends). So if you are lucky enough to be given flowers this Mothers Day, help them last so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible with these 7 simple tips. 

1. When you get your flowers home un-wrap them, giving them room to breath and blossom.

2. Remove any leaves or thorns from the stems that will sit under the water line of the vase you put your flowers in – this will stop the water from becoming stagnant, stop bacteria growing and keep your flowers healthy.

3. Cut your flowers stems at an angle before placing them in water, this creates a greater service area than if you cut them straight across and will allow them to drink more water. 

4. If flower food is provided with your bouquet, use it. Or simply make up your own solution by placing a tiny bit of sugar in their water. 

5. Place your blooms in fresh water and change it every couple of days.

6. Don’t overcrowd. If you have received a veritable tone of flowers, especially roses, then you may want to use a number of containers. This will prevent your flowers from bruiseing against each other.

7. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight, (the UV rays will actively damage the petals and make them wilt), and away from heat, such as by a radiator or fireplace. 

(Images – By Bethany)



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