BEAUTY / Green Tea Sugar Body Scrub


Is there anything more luxurious than lighting a few candles, drawing yourself a bath (using up all of the hot water in the process) and giving over half an hour of your day for a bit of ‘me’ time with a nice pampering session? Not in my opinion. So why not treat yourself this weekend, by using this divine green tea sugar body scrub, that not only will revitalise your skin, but stimulate your senses, and ease your spirit.


We all know that green tea is good for us, it’s loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on our bodies. It’s has been shown to aid fat loss, and physical performance, increase brain function, can reduce the risk of numerous diseases, including cancer and Alzheimer’s and when rubbed on the skin can aid in celulight reduction and skin infections…why wouldn’t I drink at least one cup of it a day despite the fact that I can’t stand the taste of the stuff!? However it is possible to get many of it’s benefits by rubbing it all over yourself as well as ingesting it.

You will need

1 cup Coconut Oil
1 1/2 cups Sugar (granulated of brown is best)
2 tsp Green Tea Powder – find it here
2 Green Tea Bags


Simply mix all your dry ingredients together in a bowl. Gently melt your coconut oil in the microwave, this will only take a few seconds, then add it to the mix. Combine all the elements using a wooden spoon…and that’s it! Pop it in an air tight pot and it is ready to use. Rub generously over your body and rinse. Your skin will never have felt so amazingly smooth and revitalised.


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