DIY / The Glamorous Cactus

I have become slightly obsessed with cacti over the past couple of months. I have a ‘Desert Forest’ themed wedding coming up next summer which I could not be more excited about, have decided that terrariums are the hight of cool and have filled my house with the contents of them…in other words, both succulents and cacti!

Succulents are currently still experiencing their time in the sun, and their popularity does not appear to be waining. Cacti are slowly but surely bringing up the rear, and quite understandably. They are still beautiful and unique plants but are harder to handle and can’t be used in as many situations, in a bouquet, for example. But I have a real thing for their glorious shapes, and the intimidation of a prickle is not going to stop me enjoying them. As ever, it’s easy once you know how. 



To fill your life full of these gorgeous little plants all you will need are:

The Cacti themselves
Fabulously giflittery rocks. I got mine from here.



Carefully remove your cactus from its pot being very careful of any spines. A trick is to use a plastic bag, twist it up into a long thick snake and use it to wrap around the top of the plan, giving yourself a handle with which to pull it from its pot.

Gently ease the soil around the roots with your fingers so that they can breath, this will help your cactus grow, then place it in your chosen vessel. I’m going for glam today, but they can look just as amazing in tericota plant pots.   

Fill the top of the pot around the base with your glittery pieces, again being careful of your fingers, and you’re done. Arrange around your home or in a group on your coffee table for a beautiful and stylish display that will last.


(Images – By Bethany Team)


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