DIY / Spring Bouquet 


I love spring, it is the most wonderful season, full of so much hope, anticipation and joy, and there is no better way to celebrate this in my opinion than the riot of colour and stunning seasonal blooms it gives us. 

There are lots of ways to invoke spring using flowers, but I love using these gorgeous brights, especially the anemones. There is no colour like that at any other time other the year. 


In this hand tie I am choosing to use anemones, tulips and stock, all of which are seasonal spring blooms. I have then chosen these amazing orange roses, that not only lend suport to the delicate stems that are sinonomous with spring flowers, but also takes the colour scheme to another level. 


Other options at this time of year, are ranunculus, hyacinths, and daffodils. However, if you do choose to use daffodils, don’t mix them in with other flowers, their stems contain toxins that  with make them wither and die very quickly. 


Once you have made your choice you are ready to compose your hand tie. Start with a central flower held in your left hand if you’re right handed and your right hand if you’re left handed. Add other stems at an angle, at the point of your thumb hold the stems (this is called the binding point) with the flower head facing away from you.



p style=”margin-right:0;margin-bottom:1.5em;margin-left:0;padding:0;vertical-align:baseline;border:0;”>Once you have added a couple, twist the bouquet round and continue onto the bare side of your central flowers, this is mostly so your stems will end up in a beautiful spiral, but also so you don’t get the same flowers next to each other. I however quite like it if you get some of the same flowers next to one another, it just keeps thinks looking natural. 

(Images – By Bethany) 


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