ADVICE / The Best Scissors 


When I first went to senior school I had a geography teacher who insisted that to bond with our atlases – and therefor supposedly never require a new one – we must hit ourselves over the head with them. I have long since lost the atlas and the bump on my head has faided, however I now understand what she was literally trying to beat into our heads; this was the tool of her traid, just like a florists scissors are the tool of her trade. It’s important that we have the best that we can get, which in turn, will make our work better, and we should be proud of them. I am not ashamed to say that I am now wholeheartedly bonded with my florist scissors. 

I use what is called a Japanese scissor, obviously invented in Japan these scissors are in a leage of their own.  As you can see, they are a slightly odd shape, the handle looks very out of proportion with the blade, however this means that I am able to exhurt a huge amount of power with very little stress. I never seem to suffer from aches in my hands or wrists as I did when I used normal floral scissors, and I never need to use sacatures to cut my more woody stems.

The blades are extremely sharp, which of course helps with the cut, and if opened wide they can double up as a knife. They are made from steal coated in Teflon, which means you will never have to sharpen your scissors, and they will never rust out on you.

I guard my scissors jealously. I am not a florist who buys a new pair for every job. As far as I am conserned we are bonded for life, and the fact that I have two pairs and flit between them makes me feel oddly guilty. But our strange arrangment has been going for over two years now and still going strong. They are truly the best tool for the job.


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