FLOWER OF THE MONTH / Guelder Rose  

Guelder Rose or Viburnum Opulus is, in my humble opinion a compleatly underestimated plant. The bright acid green of the globe like flower clusters brings life to any arrangment. But they don’t stop at being a complimentary filler, they can stand on their own two feet, and look simply divine in a giant bunch cut straight from the garden and thrust into a large enamel jug.

From a florists perspective this plant is a dream. It will suport and compliment a vast variety of others, stands alone well, is easy to cut, easy to use, and easy to maintain. It’s a tough, elegant flower that will last for about two weeks in a hand tie or jug arrangment, and is just as flexible in a garden setting. 


If you want to grow Guelder Roses of your own it could not be more simple. They are happy in the shadows or the sun, in alkali soil, or the acid, sand, chalk or clay and are happy to face which ever way your garden does. They are very attractive shrubs which will be a statment peice in your garden, some growing up to 8 meters, although this will take a good decade…or two. 


During the spring and summer they have those gorgeous green balls of delicate, Forget Me Not shaped blooms, which, if not cut, in the autumn will erupt into the most viberant shining red berries. But for now as it’s spring I’ll be using them to make my bouquets pop.  

Hope you all have the most glorious Easter weekend. 

(Images – 1, 2, 3


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