I remember the day that I got my first ever proper bottle of perfume very well. It was my 15 birthday, and my first ‘grown up’ boy friend presented it to me. I thought it was hight of maturity and chic! When asked why, out of the multitude of choices on the market he had chosen that one in particular, he replied, ‘It just reminded me of you’.

My 15 year old brain took this as a wonderfuly romantic insight, that could only mean true love. How else could it remind him of me when I’d never worn it? It must be the fact that our souls were one…. However, with that great and terrible gift that is truly growing up and hindsight, I am able to appreciate, that despite the whole soulmate thing not working out, this was a truly astute comment. Particular perfumes just belong to particular people. They simply fit, and there is little else to it. 

The perfume chosen for me all that time ago was Coco Mademoiselle, Channel. I still wear it to this day, so maybe it was ultimately true love of a sort. It blends so seamlessly with my own smell, that it almost appears as if the scent were coming from me. It doesn’t come across as something slapped on top like badly applied foundation. It just fits me, as if it were made to. This is the beauty of perfume, and the hunt for that perfect fragrance keeps many occupied for a life time. 

Over the past few years I have become increasingly interested in perfum and scent, a passion flamed by my mothers thirst for knowledge of all things (the image above is a small portion of our purfume wardrobe!). I started looking both into the history of the industry, individual perfume houses and the stories of individual scents, and as I did so discovered a fascinating world. But at it’s heart, as with so much else in my life, I found plants and flowers. 

I’d really love to share some of my discoveries on this fantastic topic with you. So along with the usual there will be a small smattering of posts on perfume over the next few weeks. I’d love to know what you think, and what you wear!? Have you found that perfect scent yet? Have you discovered a tale of creation that is just as delioucious as the scent itself?! Boy or girl, I want to know! 


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