DIY / Easy Painted Pots 


Making a beautiful, colourful, stylish, spring arrangment is just so easy! 

Today I what to show you a seriously pretty DIY project using only old preserve jars, and my son’s poster paint.  

I have a very strange and slightly conserning obsession with collecting old jars; jam jars, pesto jars, Nutella jars, caramelised onion jars, horseradish jars, gherkin jars, marmalade jars…you get the idea, basically any and all jars. I also love that vintage country look (of course fcusing on the jar), that has been fashionable for weddings for so long now. But I think all trends need a little face lift from time to time, and a bit of up-cycling is by far the the easiest way to do it. 



 All you will need: 

  • Poster paint in various colours.
  • Some old jars, cleaned, with the labels removed.
  • Some small pots to put inside your painted jars (otherwise your paint will come off when you put water in)
  • Seasonal flowers 



Pour the poster paint into your jars and tilt the jar around spreding the paint evenly over the inner surface. 



Once coated all the way up to the rim, leave upsidedown on some tissue paper so any excess paint can drain out safely. 




Leave for a couple of hours, turning it the right way up half way through. At this point clean the outer edges and rim of the jar with some tissue, or a baby wipe. 



Once dried, grab yourself some gorgeous, bright, spring blooms. Here I’ve used bluebells, sweet peas, tulips and roses. Arrange them in your beautiful new pots (make sure you have a smaller pot inside to hold the water). Place on your coffee table, and enjoy that amazing, fresh, pop of colour.



Hope you all have a lovely day, and that you feel inspired to crack the paints out this weekend! 

(Images – By Bethany)


2 thoughts on “DIY / Easy Painted Pots 

  1. teigom says:

    I love this idea, and the garden is full of flowers which would look wonderful in these pots. Right, where to buy poster paint… 😍

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