LIFESTYLE / Being Mindful

I posted the below image over on Instagram the other day. It got a great response, and I was asked by a gorgeous girl if I could perhaps do a blog post on what it’s all about. It will also explain why you’ll find me staring intently at some seemingly unimportant area of the lawn every now and then.  

This is essentially an exercise on being mindful of what is around you. We walk the same paths everyday, be it through the garden, down the road to work, or with the dog, and we think we know them. But how much are we trully seeing them, fully appreciating them? This is my own strange way of making myself take note, and I’m so glad that it has enthused others too, as you will see!


Take literally two steps out of your door and pick up what catches your eye. It doesn’t have to be spectacular, or some previously unfound species, just whatever it is you see. It is trully amazing what you can find and what you’ve been missing the whole time. 

It’s also wonderful to see how environments differ so dramatically when you perform this exercise at different times of the year, in different locations, or even spots in the same garden.

Another great way to do it is to document a route. Go on a walk and see if you can pick up 5 things along the way, it doesn’t have to be a lot. Looking back over your images is not only a lovely momento, but such a gorgeous documentation of the nature you’ve had surrounding you.

The below is what happened when my little sister Ella and her boy friend Adam got involved yesterday afternoon. It all got rather competitive, and a little, ummm…arty. They may have missed the essential point, but we had a fab hour and a half!

Top two by Ella, bottom two by Adam. Who do you think wins?


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