5 Happiness Highlights This Week

  1. I had a big By Bethany moment. I put in the largest flower order, for the largest wedding I am yet to do. Very scary, but amazingly exhilarating at the same time. I can’t wait for them to all arrive, it’s going to be utterly beautiful!! 

  2. I found Chinese Peonies on the weekly shop! At the supermarket!! I got rather over excited at having flowers for myself, brought far more than I should have done and have been ridiculed by my family all week for treating them like my babies, staring at them, smiling at them and generally fidelling and fussing over them.

  3. I spent sone time with my little sister and her lovely man playing with nature. They were home to do some revision for their uni exams, and, by calling it a meditation brake, I got them involved with my new favorite activity,  which is all about being more mindful of the beauty of nature around you. You can see more details  here. We spent a good hour and a bit getting overly creative, and massively competitive, which resulted in some serious ‘art’ being formed. And it 100% helped the revision process…

  4. I got to spend two full days with my little one. My car has been out of service this week (again!) and on Wednesday and Thursday my mum couldn’t drop Joey into school, so we got his work and he spent Wednesday and Thursday with me. I’m not gonna lie, doing the maths was a challenge, but it was so lovely to have simply him and I in the house. There are always so many people flicking in and out, and the weekends are so busy that quality time is often forgotten till it’s time for the bedtime story.

  5. Charlie and I went out to a wine bar in Salisbury, Crains, that we have been meaning to try for ages, and it was absolutely glorious! They have the most amazing set menu from 5:00 till 7:00 and a more expensive, but still great menu after that. We sat and drank their very good wine, giggled and gossiped for hours. I got rather tipsy being the biggest lightweight ever, Charlie didn’t, being the biggest heaviestweight ever, and it was so lovely to spend some time together before he goes back to work in the woods.


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