My Chelsea in Bloom Favorites 

Wild at Heart for Kate Spads have won Chelsea in Bloom as far as the judges are consernrd. Many congratulations to their team. 

But the Peoples Choice Award is still up for grabs! I hope you guys have got your vote in for your fav! If not all you have to do is click here.

I went for the display at Sarah Chapman. I always wanted to be Sleeping Beauty growing up, she was my inspiration for having long blond hair, and I couldn’t forsake her lying under her beautiful floral coverlets in the window of Sarah Champman’s. A gorgeoud display. If I could have a duvet like that I’d be more than happy to sleep for 100 years!  And I adore the eye mask!!

I also love Club Monico, for it’s shear elegance, and Brunello Cucinelli, for it’s shear outrageous, wonderland-ness.



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