June Gardening Jobs

There is always so much to do in my garden, but at this time of year, the change from spring into summer, I especially love giving nature that helping hand. The best thing in the world is being able to see the difference you’ve made after an afternoon of breezing about, June gives me that in droves, and a true abundance of flowers starts to appear. 

  • I must cut back old bulb foliage as soon as it has died down a little more.
  • I need to tie my gorgeous honeysuckle down a little bit. I still like things to look a little wild and wooly so don’t tend to be too vicious, but a few of those divinely scented vines are creeping just a little too far. Should really do this for the clematis as well.
  • I use masses of cosmos in my bouquets over the summer, and now is the time to sow the seeds so I can have a larger crop. They are annuals and very hardy, I leave them to pretty much fend for themselves, but now is also a good time to thin out established plants. I love Chocolate Cosmos (named so because they smell of chocolate!) with a deep passion, and Physche White is another favorite, with it’s delicately fringed petals. I must sow more cornflower aswell for this wedding season as the pop of blue is so pretty, especially for a vintage country theme.
  • I cannot wait for my sweet peas to start flowering as I tend to continually pick them once they have. This is not just because they are the most wonderful flower with an unbeatable scent and one of my all time summer favourites, but also to encourage more blooms. The more you pick the more they grow! Isn’t that awesome!!!
  • I’ll also need to start deadheading my repeat-flowering roses. Although I always forget! Lupins and delphiniums will also respond well to this treatment and may flower again later in the season, always a bonus!

The weather is disgusting today, so I’m going to use it as an excuse to update my new board on Pintrest which I’m slightly obsessed with…it’s on pinapples and oh so summery!! But I’ll get going tomorrow, maybe.


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